What is Joanak upto?

Well...well...well, guess who's back!  Sorta, kinda, not officially, just in this blog for now.
Hi everyone! I bet you thought you had seen and heard the last of me but alas you had not.
I am back from all my travels and extra curricular activities. When I last logged into my site it was Thanksgiving 2015, I had a big blowout clearance sale to get rid of ALL my inventory which went great.  I was left with only a few items!  What I hadn't told anyone was that I did that so I could close up shop for a bit.  I had lots of things planned for 2016 with my family and wasn't sure when I would be returning to my office to work. Today I logged on and spruced up my site a bit but I have not loaded any new items just yet.  I mostly want to fill you all in on whats been going on before I start to work on all the fun and exciting new items.
The holidays went great for me and my family and my husband and I began to prepare our home and finances for a big trip to Paris, France in April of this year.  The trip went absolutely great!  We lived there for the first half of April in a stunning penthouse that had the most incredible view of the Eiffel tower.  If you are my friend on Facebook you probably have seen all the pictures and daily posts about my adventures.  If not, START FOLLOWING!  The whole month was filled with such beautiful and romantic adventures for my husband, son, and I.
When we returned from Paris we left my son behind with my parents and my husband and I took off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for or a week. A vacation from your vacation is always a good thing, right?  Cabo also went amazing!  We rode horses through the mountains, beaches, and did a whole lot of relaxing.
Around the end of May I went on my annual girls road trip A.K.A "Ladycation" with my BFF's (since high school) to San Franscisco.  Although "Frisco" had its ups and downs (my car was broken into that was the biggest downer) my girls and I still managed to make good memories and have a blast. We visited the Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, and did some bar hopping around our hotel.  Walking those hilly streets at night when your a little buzzed is pretty hilarious.
June was a pretty chill month for us as far as traveling goes. We did a few local road trips to the beaches but nothing major as we were trying to get used to living in Cali again ; which is pretty hard once you've experienced Paris BTW.
 My parents decided they wanted to go to Las Vegas for the 4th of July weekend which we did and as usual had a blast.  I mean its Vegas how can you not have a good time, right?
 That brings us to today.  It is now late July and here I am planning my sons 6th birthday on Aug 20th.  I just finished crafting his b-day invitations and sent them out in the mail last Friday (it took me a whole week just to make 35 invites).  If any of you know me I usually go semi big for my sons birthday with hand crafted invites and decor plus planning everything else.  Having said that I actually decided that this year is going to be a smaller event than usual.  I mostly decided this just to give me some time to get back into my office and organize the mess I made before I closed up shop.  Life keeps getting in the way of me working but aside from the birthday party Isaac actually goes back to school from summer break in August.  This is when I plan to actually start working on things in my office again.
 Pheeeewww!  Now that I've typed all that out it seems like a lot and that's without mentioning all the little trips and activities we've done on summer break!  Recently we've been doing a lot of driving mostly to catch Pokemon but that's a whole other story ;-D
I hope that you all stay tuned for updates on whats going on in my office as I begin to prepare new collections for my site and boutique!

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